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Neutral - Branding & Advertising

15 January 2013

Advertising, Art Direction, Branding

Branding and Advertising assignment for a new retail homeware brand in Tanzania.

Brand statement:
With a vision to uplift the home and livign experience in Tanzania, Neutral opened on 19th September, 2012. Neutral brings value for money home goods to a location that is convenient and accessible, an at wonderful prices. Each product item is carefully selected to be added to the Neutral range, which is based on Earth colours and modern trends in home improvement.

The core logo
The N symbol represents the feeling of balance in the home, with weigh of its parts design so that they are equally balanced and symmetrical from many angles.

Architecture of the logo

Brand and Colour Palette
The colours selected bring together harmony and comfort and modern taste.

Advertising - Magazine and Email

Advertising - Magazine and Email

Advertising -- Print and Email